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Standard User dieselglider
(experienced) Wed 28-Dec-11 22:34:51
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Somethings changed with Openzone/Fon

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Used to be that I had to use my full email address to log-in to a hotspot, and the speed was throttled to 0.5Mbps on my own and neighbours hotspots. Now I only have to use the first part of the email address, but more interestingly, also getting what I estimate to be the full speeds of both my neighbours hotspots, 3.5Mbps and 2.5Mbps Unless the hotspots have now gotten smart, and prioritise speed depending on whether the owner is using their Homehub.

Something else, on my XP netbook I have to logon through the Openzone website, whereas today my other half's Vista laptop was able to browse without logging in to Openzone. Puzzling...

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