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Standard User RobFlet
(committed) Tue 03-Jan-12 17:12:08
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Re: BT Infinity

[re: RobertoS] [link to this post]
So, without more investment in hardware and time to install, there is a bit of self limiting going on here for the fiurst round of FTTC ...

So, for those of us in on the ground, we should be getting a good service then for some time to come ...

Unless you know different, that is!

Very very pleased with my Infinity - even when there was a glitch, I phoned support and got India - immediately escalated, and all was right again pretty quickly and even got a follow-up call to check the next day. Whether anything was actually done, who knows? But whatever ... one small glitch with d/l's down to a few megs - and then back up again to the full whack -

It'll start to get interesting once other players start to hit the market in a bigger way I suspect.

Cheers, and Happy New Year all ... at 37.5 megs down!


1999 Freeserve Dial up --> Freeserve Anytime ---> 2005 Wanadoo 512k BB ---> Jul 2009 Orange up 8 Megs(hah!) --> Nov 2009 O2 LLU -> Nov 2011 BT Infinity( getting 37.5 megs now on ethernet)

Yamaha AW16G user
Red5Audio Microphones
Standard User nomadd11
(member) Sat 07-Jan-12 13:01:15
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Re: BT Infinity

[re: RobFlet] [link to this post]
My Infinity was fine for the first month. Then last week, it fell from 36Mb to just 4Mb. Had 4 engineer visits over 2 days in order to get it all sorted. They replaced everything - sockets, cable to the local telephone pole, "rewired and fixed" the cabinet - twice in two days - and still it was bad.

In the end, they'd run out of options. One "expert" they called then suggested a faulty port in the cabinet was to blame. Port switched over, and immediately back up to speed again. Getting 37.5Mb down and 7Mb up now, so pleased overall. Let's just hope it stays fixed. smile

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