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Standard User Paladine
(fountain of knowledge) Fri 10-Feb-12 04:14:52
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Openreach's "Where and When" map is showing my exchange as AO (Accepting Orders) but when I do a check on my line at BT Infinity site it says Infinity is not available. SamKnows is showing my exchange with a FTTC date of 1st March and a bunch of cabs have been installed in the local area (one literally around the corner) sooo...

Can I place an order or not?

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Standard User lee111s
(learned) Fri 10-Feb-12 08:08:03
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Re: Confused

[re: Paladine] [link to this post]
The exchange is ready which means that at least one cab on the exchange is active for FTTC. Cabs have been known to have been installed 12 months before they actually go live due to various issues from getting the fibre there due to collapsed ducting, power issues and various planning needs such as road digs etc to link the new cab to the old.

Pop your number into the Wholesale checker and it'll give you the most up to date information as to when and if your cab is going live.

It may also be that you're not connected to the cabinet that is closets to you and that the cab you're on is not yet ready for FTTC.
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