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Standard User NathanE
(knowledge is power) Tue 14-Feb-12 16:02:20
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Thinking of getting Infinity on Poplar/Isle of Dogs exchange

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Does anyone know what performance is like at peak times on this exchange?

I am mainly a business user on a budget. The main protocols I need to perform well are HTTP/HTTPS, Remote Desktop and IPsec.

<n>ildram 2Mb and plusnet 1Mb
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Tue 14-Feb-12 18:52:13
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Re: Thinking of getting Infinity on Poplar/Isle of Dogs exch

[re: NathanE] [link to this post]
Infinity is generally not limited by the exchange, but more the ISP general level of capacity.

At this time peak time for Infinity looks pretty good a drop of just 0.2 Mbps to 35.2 Mbps at peak times

Andrew Ferguson, [email protected] - formerly known as
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