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Standard User hopedj
(newbie) Tue 28-Feb-12 22:09:01
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Speed issues when using Static IP

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OK Guys here is an interesting one for you - probably never been seen before.

I get terrible broadband speed when using my Static IP but as soon as I get rid of my credentials and use the generic home hub credentials which switches me to a Dynamic IP my speed literally goes up 1000x. I initially thought this might be to do with the IP profile, however, the bt speed test website says my profile is 14-15mbps on either Dynamic or Static IP. I did leave the Static IP alone for 2 weeks (as i thought the profile should be clear by then) but the speed was still terrible when i returned.

I am completely stumped, currently BT Customer Services are convinced that the Static IP speed hasn't synchronised correctly and have asked me to switch to the Static IP for 72 hours. I can't do this as it would mean I lose 72 hours of business productivity. This has left me somewhat at a dead end

Can anybody help?!

Kind Regards,

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