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Standard User greenglide
(member) Thu 29-Mar-12 12:25:10
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Re:Can I get faster Broadband

[re: 4M2] [link to this post]
If you sync at night you would expect lower speeds due to higher noise levels.

The SNR will be the target set by the DSLAM which determines the speed. The SNR will normally rise during the day and then fall back at night.

The recomendation to synchronise during the day is to attempt to get the maximum performance out of a stable line. Synchronisation at night gives maximum stability out of a noisy (long) line.

The BE system whereby you can choose the target SNR (unless you are on the value product) is great because you can set it to the lowest of the three steps at which it is stable.

I would go for slightly less speed for greater stability as well!

Ex <n>ildram , been to SKY MAX - 15,225 Download

Now with BE Unlimited - 21,000 Download 1,200 Upload! Never happier!
Standard User 4M2
(experienced) Thu 29-Mar-12 14:22:31
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Re:Can I get faster Broadband

[re: greenglide] [link to this post]
Thanks for the info greenglide smile

I'm running on a copper pair that was laid about 40years ago underground on a residential street and about 200 yards from the cabinet, so I think I will continue to resync adsl2+ at night.

Certainly when I was on adsl1 it was always better to sync during the day for max speed yet error rates were about the same during the day and night and the SN Margin seemed to remain unchanged also. Biggest influence on downstream speed was through using a pressac filtered faceplate (with one voice extension off the back - no bell wire) rather than the filter/splitters supplied with the Plusnet branded tg585 v7 router which could be as much as 500Kbps.

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