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Standard User tthom
(newbie) Sun 06-May-12 20:11:35
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Infinity slow downs

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My brother got FTTC infinity option 2 a few weeks ago at first went good he usually got speeds of 37down and 7-8up not bad but he can do a speedtest and get 5mb down and 6mb up then tests again shoots back up..

I did the test on BT and the Ip profile (at least i think thats what it sayed) showed ip profile 10mb is this normal.. hes phoned BT a few times and they keep fobbing him off because hes not clued up as much as myself to deal with them (so i will have to call when i get time)

hes not a heavy user as such, he mostly games on xbox live

he has other issues like sky player (could be a sky issue) buffering and pings on of 26ish (i know these may not be accurate) also did a ping test on cmd avg ping 19ms

Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Sun 06-May-12 20:19:55
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Re: Infinity slow downs

[re: tthom] [link to this post]
Sounds like he is on the 40/10 product, and there are two IP Profiles. The 10Mbps one will probably be the upstream. The 37Mbps downstream would have been on an IP Profile of 38.72.

We need to see precisely what is displayed by the test.

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