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Standard User Spinstorm
(committed) Sat 19-May-12 14:30:31
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Change in IP profile?

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I have had Infinity now for the last two weeks - over the ten day period.

I have been connected at the 73.5mbits IP profile all that time until yesterday when for whatever reason the modem dropped the connection and it reconnected at a 69.5 (or thereabouts) IP profile.

I have no idea what caused that but I would like to have the full profile back and not be limited - it was not as if I was having lots of drop outs so I don't know why it changed.

Can I get it changed back?
Standard User Zadeks
(experienced) Sat 19-May-12 15:01:03
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Re: Change in IP profile?

[re: Spinstorm] [link to this post]
The profile might decrease if the line isn't stable. You'll need to give it a few weeks to increase by itself.
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