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Standard User andicole0
(newbie) Mon 04-Mar-13 16:10:13
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Failing Broadband

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For years now my ADSL broadband has been extremely stable and achieved speeds of around 7mbps. It recently dropped quite badly and BT did some tweaks which lasted a couple of months. It again went down to about 2mbps and BT have been out again. It is now at about 3.5 and BT say that is all they can now achieve.

I can of course keep logging faults and getting BT to fiddle around but I've just learnt my next door neighbour is connected to a different exchange and has BT Infinity available. BT say they can't connect me next door but surely that can't be impossible. Anyone here with experience of how to get moved to another exchange where teh cables must only be 5m away.

Standard User MHC
(sensei) Mon 04-Mar-13 17:21:05
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Re: Failing Broadband

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Have a new line installed at your neighbours house!

Then get a divert on the billing address!

It might be "next door" but at some point a boundary had to be drawn. It could have been 5 houses along ... or two the other way ... just bad luck many many years ago.



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