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Standard User Tdub
(newbie) Thu 04-Apr-13 12:02:46
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unfair charges

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I recently joined bt again after promising myself not to do this due to previous grivances. Yet i was cold called with an offer that sounded reasonable, Andy (the cold caller) went to great detail and assurances that there wasn't any hidden charges, and what a great deal this was, and would suit my internet needs 'after' discussing my internet use. Hence i joined BT. All seemed pretty much ok. Until i received an e-mail telling me my internet usage had exceeded my allotted ten gigs !!! (The talk talk account i'd had, had no such limit and in reflection was just as good and cheaper) So i rang bt and all was explained, i was a little angry as the seller while having gone into idiot proof detail about every thing else, had been extremely light on making this detail as clear as the rest. The operative at the other end assured me i wouldnt be charged for this and upgraded me to a higher usage tariff. For the 6 march BT took 75.00 quid out of my account. When i phoned they just kept telling me i went over the limit and tried to fob me off. BT assurances mean nothing they dont keep their word, even though the calls are recorded will this help me. At my wits end want to leave them three months into contract. What can i do if anything as complaints to them fall on deaf ears
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Thu 04-Apr-13 12:11:44
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Re: unfair charges

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Moral, sales people will say whatever to get a sale.

Have you made a formal complaint to BT about the original sale. The discussion about Internet usage is the key here, as if you said email, web and just a little video then most would say 10GB would suffice, but the trouble is what is a little.

e.g. iPlayer HD can eat a Gig or two in just an hour. So 10GB over a month does not last long.

I would also be asked for more detail on the usage billing, as some on in the past have found oddities, e.g. no-one at home and a big bill or usage allocated to days they knew they nothing online.

Andrew Ferguson, [email protected] - formerly known as
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