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Standard User ukhardy07
(fountain of knowledge) Sun 30-Jun-13 00:41:04
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Moved to the sticks

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Moved to the sticks for the summer to do some work. Never used BT properly really (despite getting it free via work) - always stuck to SKY fibre... Anyway I'm on a 7.5Mbps line for the summer via BT. So far so good. Streaming 1080p quite nicely and doing all I need. 448 upload though eeek!!!

Cheers BT - lets see how we get along.
Standard User Oliver341
(knowledge is power) Sun 30-Jun-13 10:56:15
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Re: Moved to the sticks

[re: ukhardy07] [link to this post]
I think BT is a good option for Market 1 exchanges, since Plusnet loses its Market 2/3 price advantages and BT comes with added extras like BT Sport, Wifi hotspots and cloud storage. Unlimited Broadband on Market 1 exchanges is actually cheaper than Plusnet now that BT has dropped the price to £16.

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