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Standard User moggsy
(committed) Tue 02-Jul-13 16:00:16
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HH4 on a non-BT line?

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Hi all....

My elderly dad has gone back onto BT today, basically so he can watch the new BT sports package.

When we were ordering, we had the option of the new HH4 for 35 quid. He doesn't use the internet that often but said he'd get it anyway, and I could use it for my ISP and he'd just use his old talktalk-provided router for the odd time usage he'd use the net.

I've now found out the device is locked down for BT customers but was wondering if there are any hacks or anything to enable it to be used on other ISP's?

Thx for any help....

Confucious he say; "Swinging chain mean warm seat!" smile
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