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Standard User kcgsimpson
(newbie) Wed 25-Sep-13 20:58:45
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BT Infinity provisoning

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I am currently a bt infinity subscriber and I am moving house soon. I am only moving 6 doors up from my present address. My line that I have is connected to the same cabinet as my new address. The problem I have is that when I contacted BT to move my current line to the new address they said that there was no capacity left in the cabinet. dslchecker says that there will be capacity from 16th October. does this mean that bt will then be able to process my move properly ??

when you are moving such a short distance is it not just moving the wiring at the cabinet end ?? to allow connectivity to the new address. they seem to be making a big job about it. I just want to have the same service that I have currenltly and I dont see why it should be so complicated.

any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.
Standard User Zarjaz
(knowledge is power) Thu 26-Sep-13 07:51:42
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Re: BT Infinity provisoning

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You are of course, correct, in an ideal world, your current FTTC port would be swung and connected to your new D-side pair within the cabinet.

In the real world however, those that you order from have to use a preset process to handle sales enquiries. That system says your FTTC cab is currently full, and that's where it stops.

All this is of no help to you, but thems the breaks.

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