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Standard User astanden
(regular) Wed 16-Oct-13 09:12:25
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Hi folks,

It's not clear on BT's website what happens if you move house when still in the 18 month contract.

Do you have to pay of the current contract in full and then start a new one at the new address, or will BT just transfer the service to the new address with no charge?



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Standard User Jaggies
(committed) Wed 16-Oct-13 10:08:24
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Re: Moving

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There may be early termination charges if you are in contract and don't take all your services to the new address.

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Standard User ian72
(knowledge is power) Wed 16-Oct-13 10:10:22
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Re: Moving

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A while back when my sister in law moved I believe they did the move for free and just started a new 18 month contract (cancelling the old contract).

Have you look at this BT page?

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Standard User dieselglider
(experienced) Wed 16-Oct-13 23:43:01
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Re: Moving

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I've just moved within the last month, and there was no charge of any sort, and I'm not even aware of a contract being mentioned, certainly not in the emails. What was strange though, they could enable the broadband (Fibre install) one day, but I had to wait another few days before the phone service started. This was for a complete package move to a new dialling code area.

Edit: Just found the following post from 2012 over on the BT community forum;

What happens to my existing phone, broadband or TV contract when I move?

If you move home within the UK, call us early and we'll try to give you the same services you currently have, at your new address. If we're not able to do this and you are still within your minimum contract period for the services we can't provide, you'll be able to end the contract for those services and you won't have to pay a charge for doing that.

Your existing service contracts can be transferred to your new address, but there are some important points that you need to remember:
When you move home, you will always start a new 12 month line rental contract even if you're just taking over a working line at your new address.
If you transfer your broadband to your new home, a new 3 month contract will apply unless you had longer than 3 months left on the broadband contract at your old address in which case you'll carry over the rest of that contract.
Any Calling Plan (e.g. Unlimited Anytime Plan) and BT Vision contracts will simply transfer to your new address and carry on as before.


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