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Standard User semiartificial
(learned) Mon 28-Oct-13 13:01:30
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Advice regarding switch to BT for Broadband

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I was on O2 Premium, now taken over by Sky and I'm wondering about switching to BT for Broadband. I've been happy with the O2 Premium service and wouldn't want anything where either speeds or volumes are restricted. Is there anything I should know about switching to BT?

For info Sky made an offer in June and August to take over the BT line, my anytime call package and provide Sky with the Entertainment package plus broadband for less than £19 a month. I tried to activate it today and am told not available now. The Sky Entertainment thing was a bonus, to provide some better TV for the kids.
My current costs are:
Broadband - £13/month (I was getting 6 month free for the last two years with O2, so £6.50/month in practice)
BT line rental - £120 for 12 months, think it expires in Feb.
BT Anytime call package - £5/month

Thank you.
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