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Standard User BadAsh
(newbie) Wed 16-Apr-14 13:42:08
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Home Hub 5 - Wired LAN issues

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I had BT Infinity 2 installed on Friday and initially it seemed everything was running perfectly. However the next day I noticed some issues with my wired LAN connections, with my computer not seeing the network at all. The wireless devices are working perfectly.

Before BT, I had Sky with a Billion 7800N router which I connected a TP Link switch to and to that connected a couple of computers and a Freenas server. The server defines it own IP address ( while most other devices are assigned from by the router. I had DHCP using range to

I swapped the Billion for the Home Hub 5 and everything appeared fine, until a few hours later. When I turn everything off (hub, switch and computer) and then turn them on everything seems to work fine, for a while.

I have changed the Home Hub DCHP range to replicate what I had in the Billion so that there should be no conflict with the Freenas picking an address that the hub could issue to another device.

Does anyone have any ideas what's going on?
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