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Standard User Scoot
(member) Sat 02-Aug-14 18:09:53
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Contract Has Ended

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My contract has ended with BT Broadband. I took it out a year ago when BT Sports started and got that for free along with a significant discount on the broadband.

I've been completely happy with the broadband. The mandatory line rental I hate as I havent made 1 phone call on the phoneline but hey ho.

Despite being very happy with the service the new price of the broadband without discounts I feel is too much.

Does anyone know if I sign a new contract will BT offer me a new discount or my old discount back?

Did anyone sign up about a year ago also and are in the same boat?
Standard User RobertoS
(elder) Sat 02-Aug-14 18:12:02
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Re: Contract Has Ended

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See this thread.

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