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Standard User GeoffB
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 28-Aug-14 14:36:07
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New HH5 and price reduction!

[link to this post]
I rang India to ask for an upgrade for my HH3. She offered me a HH5 free of charge and then passed me on to a chap in the UK who offered me £4 a month off my Infinity 2 if I signed up for another contract. Result! It just shows that they are keen to retain their customers. Had the same thing with VM when requesting a SH2 for my other line (bigger reduction there because we have their TV package too). Got 150 Mb/s now from them (over the wire, of course).

Dell Studio1558 with Win7 Home Premium
HP Pavilion netbook Win8 8GB RAM
IE11 and Live Mail
BT Infinity via HH3
(Virgin 150Mbs as backup)
Standard User StephenTodd
(experienced) Thu 28-Aug-14 15:35:37
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Re: New HH5 and price reduction!

[re: GeoffB] [link to this post]
Not sure they are that keen. The base price for renewal of Infinity2 is £28 (seems to have gone up in the last few days?), £2 more than for a new customer base price.

so costs per year are:

Old customer base price = 12*28 = 336
Old customer discount price = 12*24 = 288
New customer price = 3*20+9*26-80 = 214 (* but 18 month no 12 contract)

The old customer discount prices seem to vary a bit from day to day, and depending on whether or not you combine with line rental saver.
Also you probably can get cashback as new customer as well.

New customer gets an HH5 as you did (though seeing what people say not sure if that is better than modem+HH3 other than dual band wireless)

It certainly shows that as an old customer you need to contact them to get a half-reasonable price.
It looks for me that a move to PlusNet is going to be a good move; even though I'd rather stay to save the risk of a botched move.
Helped by PlusNet having a 40/20 service which BT don't have.

BT Infinity 2, thinking of moving to PlusNet
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