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Standard User davetel
(member) Thu 25-Sep-14 10:44:39
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Switched today, upload sync 448

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Switched from one BT based ISP to BTretail at 8.10am today, d/l sync 4800 u/l sync 448, sn 6, previous u/l sync average 800's. BTW test, IP profile 0.20 thruput 0.15 usually 0.6. Spoke with pleasant gentleman (India!) who confirmed its ADSL2+, but could not see any issue with the u/l speed. Sync speed before change 5470 d 883 up sn3. EDIT: Guess it's provisioned on ADSLMAX

Using my own DGN2200 router. Of course had to do the obligatory restart did a phased power down though so's not to upset DLM. which pushed down sync from 4652 to 4800 dead, upload still 448.

Will leave on at least a couple of days. Any ideas on how to get this uncapped? Not home till 7 so can't produce any other info.

Edited by davetel (Thu 25-Sep-14 12:31:44)

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