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Standard User aps2011
(newbie) Sat 11-Oct-14 17:52:34
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BT Usage Monitor Reset

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Has anyone else seen that BT's (rather useless) Usage Monitor Graph on was reset yesterday?
I normally only look at the monitor occasionally but in Sept 14 I thought the quoted usage was a bit high - about 50% up on my normal 5GB/month. This month, I looked at it on about 5th Oct and it was already at 3.2 GB at midnight of 4th. This was markedly different from the stats in the BT HomeHub3 (2.6 GB)which had been on for 7.5 days.
I recorded the movement on both and it was keeping pace (0.5 GB in 4 days) on each measure.
Yesterday, the BT Monitor was unavailable until the evening and my quoted usage had dropped to 2.5 GB. in line with my expectations.
Perhaps not a huge change but indicative of BT having a problem.
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