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Standard User trif
(newbie) Sun 05-Apr-15 21:02:24
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Another intermittent fault and BT's 24 hour monitoring

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I posted earlier this year about some issues we were having with an old section of line. Thanks to BT Care this was replaced and we saw improved performance/stability for a time, however we are still having serious disconnection issues whenever the weather is wet or very humid/cold and aren't having any luck getting the location(locations) identified,

I'm still in contact with the same BT Care adviser and he is helping as much as he can and has had us on some type of 24 hour monitoring, however this doesn't seem to be detecting the errors we're seeing on the line, does anyone know what this 24 hour monitoring involves?

Also does anyone have any suggestions for other ways to identify the location of an intermittent fault, the only option I can think of would be to borrow one of the Openreach testers so we can use it during a heavy rain storm,

Finally we're experiencing a strange issue with our connection during these periods of instability, the ADSL will sometimes show a sync and we are able to Ping a known IP address on the internet that responds correctly, however any attempt to connect to an IP address for any service, from DNS to web to email etc fails, does anyone know why this would be?
Standard User trif
(newbie) Sun 19-Apr-15 16:46:25
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Re: Another intermittent fault and BT's 24 hour monitoring

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An update:

The 24 hour monitoring did detect repeated dropouts between the Router and DSLAM, so an engineer with some sort of ADSL sync monitoring device arrived and could see the fault though it disappeared before he could trace it, hopefully we'll get somewhere with it next week smile
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