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Standard User jroadley
(regular) Sun 19-Apr-15 20:16:50
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Approaching BT retail regarding building work

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A query if I may...

We are hoping to put an extension on our house later on in the year, and as part of the work there is a good chance the wall the current BT socket is plugged into will be knocked down.

How do I approach this with BT retail ? Is it simply just a case of requesting via them a new BT mastersocket - or given that walls will be knocked down, new electrics, gas, water pipes etc will be going in - will there be hidden extra costs I could rack up?

Edit: Our BT line comes from the underground, and not from a telegraph pole - not sure if that makes a difference but worth mentioning!

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Standard User MHC
(sensei) Sun 19-Apr-15 20:32:17
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Re: Approaching BT retail regarding building work

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Not a NEW socket rather a repositioning.

In your case, do you know where teh new one will be needed and can that be done when the old is removed? If it is fine, if not, you may need to order twice - once for a temporary location and then a final. With luck, you could get BT to provide the internal cable needed so you can build that in and route as you wish.



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