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Standard User ebuygum
(committed) Sat 13-Jun-15 13:36:45
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SlingPlayer and BT Home Hub 4

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I'm wondering if anyone has experience using SlingPlayer connected BT Home Hub 4 where there is no streaming video from a remote Slingbox.

I have a couple of Slingboxes in far away places that I've successfully connected to for many years from my home network using various versions of SlingPlayer. I changed ISP to BT with HH4 at the start of 2015 and, since then, on occasions I can connect to the Slingboxes but there is no streaming video. If I reboot the router it usually comes right, although I sometimes have to reboot it twice. (When the problem occurs it is after a morning reboot that I carry out automatically every day. When it works it works all day.)

Any ideas?
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