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Standard User UKconfederate
(learned) Thu 12-Nov-15 08:30:23
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Line flagged as Fibre & Broadband!

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Hi all,

I finally decided to actually go for a fibre package from BT instead of waiting for my ADSL2+ upgrade.

Anyway, I placed my fibre order last Sunday afternoon, unfortunately last night I noticed in the 'My BT' area that the order had disappeared. I phoned BT up and they informed me that the order had been cancelled by them. After a quick nose around by the BT operator, he finally told me that for whatever reason my phone line is being flagged as having both 'Fibre' and 'Broadband' on it.

Obviously I don't have fibre and the BT operator has escalated the problem to the 'BT Line Team'. I've been told that it could take up to 5 working days to clear this and I need to phone back early next week to re-place my order. As the local cabinet was only upgraded to fibre about 3 weeks ago & we've had the phone line for more than 30 years, I do know it's not been left flagged from a previous owner/subscriber.

I was just wondering has anyone else come across this problem before, did you have any lengthy problems trying to get it de-flagged and what could be my options should next week come and they still haven't cleared my line.
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