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Standard User smouty
(regular) Mon 22-Feb-16 13:54:40
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HH3b - Incompatability Smart TV and Netflix

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There was a long thread on the BT Care forums that has recently been closed so an explanation was not provided.
Anyone have an idea why a HH3b wouldn't work with some Smart TVs and Netflix?
The solution was to send out a HH3a which unless they have been fixed since I last checked, have issues with VPNs and port forwarding.
I went with Tomato flashed ASUS anyway so not too concerned but as there has not been a firmware update on the HH3b since 2013, what has changed upstream to affect this?

The Netflix error is UI-113. Netflix works on all other devices as do all other streaming services on the affected TVs.

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Standard User smouty
(regular) Thu 03-Mar-16 13:01:53
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Re: HH3b - Incompatability Smart TV and Netflix

[re: smouty] [link to this post]
Nobody have an ideas?

There is some more info in this article -
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