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Standard User herbie1207
(newbie) Wed 29-Jun-16 17:24:08
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bt keep altering my ip it is now at 27.30 mbps it should be 52 the will no listen to me on phone this has been going on for two weeks phone call after phone call not resolved they say router is faulty they said they are sending one out twice nothing has arrived
Standard User lee111s
(committed) Wed 29-Jun-16 20:16:52
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Re: ip

[re: herbie1207] [link to this post]
BT don't alter or set the IP profile. It's set by BRAS as a direct result of your current sync (connection) rate. If your sync rate changes due to a drop in connection or a line fault, then the IP profile changes to match.

Can you post the stats from your router? Can you also post the results for your line using the following checker
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