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Standard User sirrus
(newbie) Tue 02-Aug-16 08:37:30
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Problems with new Smart hub

[link to this post]
Just got a Smart Hub and had lots of problems:

Hub constantly rebooting approx every 20 mins

Wireless disconnecting at similar frequency but seemingly independent of rebooting

Speed test results slower than home hub 60 download versus 65 download - not a major point and may have resolved without there issues

Speed and web pages would hang then surge then hang, then surge

Thought was a broadband fast but home hub 4, when substituted worked fine

A number of other issues that may have been resolved if home hub didnt keep rebooting as below:

Dyndns service did not work

VPN passthrough did not work but probably related to no dydns

Arno security camera hub would not connect to internet through smart hub

I took me the best part of an afternoon to set up troubleshoot, fail and then reset the old router, so not keen on attempting to call BT support and waste another few hours on what may be either a faulty smart hub or immature firmware or both. So inclined to just to get a refund and wait a few months till they fix problems. What are views should I tangle with support or just get refund?

Cheers Richard
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