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Standard User 80browners80
(newbie) Sat 15-Oct-16 02:50:20
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My BT Blog (so far)

[link to this post]
Moved back to BT after 3 years of perfect Sky Fibre and so far not disappointing.
To be fair Sky where brilliant and I changed because they could not do a deal I was willing to pay.

Sky synced perfectly at the top speed and usual speed tests were always around 37-38.

First week with BT and the new router is great. In fact it is amazing compared to the box of [censored] sky shipped.

I have all main devices hard wired via an un-managed Netgear switch making life so much sweeter without worrying what the congested airwaves are doing. Phones and tablets work great, but when it comes to PC and Xbox gaming wired wins hands down.

Sky was capped at 40 and BT on the initial week was only syncing at 36 ! On the information BT could be 50+ After one week it has crept up to around 44 and to be fair is rock solid. I expect this to rise.

I use Googles DNS on all hard wired devices.(try it ) DHCP for phones and others.

I was initially disappointed at the BT sync speed but now getting more 44+ and rock steady.

One thing I have noticed:- Sky never congested and almost always full bandwidth available. BT loses around 5-10 during peak hours.

After a happy move (not financially as the setup is ridiculous from BT) I can say the service I am receiving is very, very good. The new BT Hub (smart) is so much better on the Wifi end as well.

So far so good, I just hope it stays like this.
Standard User PaulKirby
(fountain of knowledge) Sat 15-Oct-16 17:44:46
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Re: My BT Blog (so far)

[re: 80browners80] [link to this post]
Yeah, when we was with Sky on our secondary connection (was BE) we was allowed to use our own equipment, but Sky was capping us left right and center, so we left.

The first thing I did was disable the Wi-Fi WPS, Disable the DHCP feature, scanned for free Wi-Fi channels that had 2 clearest channels either side, then set up my own DHCP Server on a very low power PC which organizes internal IPs for the mobile devices and desktop devices.

Our DHCP Server also uses our own DNS Server, Googles 2 DNS Servers and the falls back to BT's ones.
I know we don't need all those DNS Servers, but no harm having them there.

As for congestion, being on a very slow ADSL2+ connection for many years I never saw any congestion, but once we got FTTP boy did we see it LOL.
Last night starting from around 5pm we started to loose our speed and around 1pm we had lost over 175Mbps of our 300Mbps, leaving us about 125Mbps which is still good.

I am not too sure how they gauge how much a connection looses to balance the network, I assume people on the 52 - 78 packages would also loose a large chunk.

But overall I think its not too bad so far.


BTBroadband - Infinity 4 - 310Mbps (down), 31Mbps (up)
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