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Standard User tsh
(learned) Fri 23-Dec-16 19:01:15
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Order 'stuck'

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This isn't on my account, so I'm not entirely sure what is happeing, but a friend has a BT broadband line, and come the end of the 12 month term wanted to renew for another 12 months (to get a more sensible price). Somehow, the order has become 'stuck' and BT can't say anything other than 'we need to wait'. She's now being billed (by direct debt) 10x what she was expecting to pay - and is rather upset by the whole experience.

Is this a real thing, or has someone at BT maybe messed up the order and is trying to cover up for their mistake? Whats the fastest way to push for resolution without loosing the broadband (I can imagine a migration might be messy at this stage)
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