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Standard User mol2
(newbie) Fri 10-Mar-17 15:07:06
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BT Smart talk

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This may be the wrong forum I known but...
Anyone experienced problems with the smart talk app.
Swapped mobiles and it won't let me register on the new one. (I de registered the old mobile first)

Last time I changed mobiles I logged into my BT and went to manage the smart talk app I managed to sort it by removing the user and creating a new ID. This time I log into my BT account and only have the option to block a user. However when I ticked that option - gave it 24 hours and logged back in it shows the user as active and when I log in on the handset I says I have the maximum number of registered user (in spite of one of them being the one I am trying to use!)

Age on the phone to BT in India who seemed clueless and decided to "check my line" before giving me the Smart Talk technical 0800 number which doesn't work!

Any cliues?
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