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Standard User binary
(member) Fri 16-Jun-17 20:57:53
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BT - House moving issues (inc FTTC waitlist)

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Hi. I'm helping some friends out with moving house.

As the result of a bit of bad planning and/or lack of foresight, they are still in contract with BT (by at least 6 months if not a year) so they will be using BT's 'house move' service and transferring their BT service to their new address (phoneline, FTTC broadband and BT TV).

Two issues arise...

(1) This is not a 'clean move' as they are currently in rented accommodation and because of the timetable of the house purchase and some prior commitments, there won't be a 'big bang' house move happening in one day - instead it'll be over the course of two or so weeks, fitting in around other happenings.

I'm assuming BT's 'Home Move' service cannot handle the idea of there being a transitional period where service is provided to two addresses at the same time on the same contract?

I suspect not... but just thought I'd ask anyway! (In which case I'll need to find them a mobile broadband solution to tide them over at one or other address, but that's a question for another part of the forum!)

(2) Regarding the new house, doing an address search on I get an estimate of 4-8 Mbps for ADSL, whilst FTTC is on a waiting list.

However searching with what I understand is the current telephone number of the line into the house, I get a higher estimate for ADSL of 7-8 Mbps but also it says FTTC is "Available".

Does this suggest that the current residents already have an FTTC service? If so is it likely that the time gap between them moving out and ceasing their service and my friends moving in means any chance in inheriting the FTTC connection will be scuppered?

Thanks for any help.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sat 17-Jun-17 10:13:19
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Re: BT - House moving issues (inc FTTC waitlist)

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How often can you predict the way a coin will fall correctly?

The freed up port (if they actually have FTTC) might be snapped up, it might not.

Are the same cabinets mentioned? If existing residents are on a LLU service then BT Wholesale systems can misunderstand phone numbers.

Best way if able to is ask what speeds people get currently, and to avoid confusion a picture of an actual speed test.

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