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Standard User MHC
(sensei) Wed 25-Oct-17 08:52:06
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Speeds quoted for sales ...

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Just about to renew a BT Business contract for an 80/20 line which currently syncs at high 70s and 20

DSL Checker gives:

Range A (Clean) 77.1-56.5 & 20-19
Range B (Impacted) 66.6-39.8 & 20-11.4

From sync and speedtests, I know that I am towards the top of the clean range.

On the BT webssite, there are two Infinity 80/20 options: Unlimited Infinity and Premium Infinity the only difference being a couple of add-ons which I do not need.

Unimited at £35 gives:
From 40 to 67Mbps Download speed
From 11.4 to 19Mbps Upload speed

Premium at £43 gives:
From 57 to 76Mbps Download speed
From 18 to 19Mbps Upload speed

Rather craftily, they have chosen the A (clean range) for the higher priced option and B (Impacted) for the basic service.

Anyway, time for a little negotiation with them to see if the price can drop further especially as they are about to terminate my existing Broadband Voice (VOIP service).



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