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Standard User ToxicSmoggie78
(newbie) Wed 28-Feb-18 01:34:44
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BT Infinity help

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I'm just wondering if I can get a bit of help

On the 15th Feb somehow my download speeds dropped from 59 meg to 51 meg and my ping increased from around 20ms to between 30-40ms, no noticeable disconnections as the ip address stayed the same (running BQM).

Had the same issue around the 21st Jan but that was due to several disconnections over a couple of days (also 7 in one night), after about 10 days after that event everything went back to 'normal', upload speed increased back to around 60 meg and ping decreased back to 20ms, never had a problem with the upload speed dropping as its been between 18-21.

But since the 15th Feb, my speeds has just stayed at around 51 meg download and my ping is still between 30-40ms, as I had connected to an unlocked HG612, one thing I did notice whilst running the stat gui that Retrain Reason is set to 1 and not changed also Interleaving was set to On and not changed.

As of 23rd Feb and on the advice of someone at BT, I was told to plug in the Smart Hub 6 and run it till this Friday\Saturday as they can monitor whats going on,with my line.

But after checking the BT Smart Hub settings and current statistics log I'm seeing that my Data rate is 19.99 Mbps / 51.92 Mbps but my Maximum data rate is 21250 / 80113, now this is something seems to be increasing as my last stats from the HG612 where 20996 / 67920 before being replaced for the smart hub 6.

Is it normal for the Maximum data rate to increase and the speed to stay the same or do I just need to wait and hope everything settles down and wait for the DLM to settle down and hope my speed increases and ping decreases?

Also would it be possible to reach the speeds of the Maximum data rate? As I signed up for BT Infinity 1 in August 2017 but Mid-October download and upload speeds increased (but never got an email to confirm the uplift) but keep getting told of several customer service agents that the most I can get download is 55 meg as I'm on BT Infinity 1 but they can't explain why my upload speed exceeds the 10 meg max upload speed for BT Infinity 1,
Standard User RobertoS
(elder) Wed 28-Feb-18 02:00:47
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Re: BT Infinity help

[re: ToxicSmoggie78] [link to this post]
I can't easily explain the drop in download speeds without a re-sync, but the question of the upstream exceeding 10mbps is possible.

How long have you been on Infinity 1? Not long ago a number of long-term users of it got a free upgrade to 80/20 (76/19?). You may have been one of the lucky ones and didn't notice when it happened.

In particular, your downstream sync should be much higher if your line is one that was upgraded. However I have a vague memory of a poster not long ago who knew theirs had been upgraded but had the same problem. Upstream rose but downstream didn't. I don't know if it then got sorted out or not.

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