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Standard User jamesca69
(newbie) Tue 27-Mar-18 10:47:44
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BT Infinity Disconnects

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Hi all

Looking for advice on a recent issue I have had with my BT Infinity broadband. To confirm I have a BT Openreach filtered master plate with my Smart Hub plugged directly into this. I believe I am on a 80/20 profile after recently getting the free upgrade from the 55/10. I recently have been sync'ing on the router at 55/19.

Started seeing issue around 3 months ago with regular drop outs and no internet (router light orange), they would last 5 mins and rectify themselves. This was seen in the router stats under network uptime.

More recently these dropouts became more frequent and around 3 weeks ago I contacted BT to raise the issue. I was told by the BT support (level 1) they had found an issue and reset my line, I asked for more details but they couldn't answer it and told me to monitor it for 48hrs.

After this same problems, router would disconnect but started to see longer dropout periods of up to 15 mins. Logged another call and they arranged for a replacement router to be sent out which arrived last Friday. Swapped them over and that evening same issues faced over weekend with regular drop outs Sat, so contacted BT and after being told Level 2 would call me back (they didn't) I contacted them Sunday and they agreed to send an engineer today.

Engineer checked things out and found a number of CRC errors when testing from master socket, he then checked cab and line outside and said that the line itself is fine and that I was on a 80mb profile, however at around 650m away from cab I am pushing the limits of the 80mb profile and thinks this is causing the issue. He recommended I contact BT and ask to be put on a 55 profile as it should resolve the issues.

After he has left my router is connected at 42/19 which is a new low and has already dropped out once within 15 mins, however he has reset the line profile so not sure if this is now down to the line retraining or not.

Any advice welcome, from feedback to the above or other suggestions of how to monitor my own line for stats etc that I can report back on with?

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