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(sensei) Wed 04-Mar-20 11:55:31
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Business Firmware update

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This morning my Smart Hub did a firmware update (annoying that it is durning the working day)

Firmware version: SG4B1B0092BC
Gui version: 1.117.2

and now

Firmware version: SG4B1B0092BE
Gui version: 1.132.0

So, probably just a GUI update.

However, the displayed Line and Signal Attenuation figures have both jumnped from what was a nice, stable 16.4 dB to an incredible 27.7 dB. Speeds have remained much the same with max attainable around 71.1 Mbps and actual sync at 70.1 Mbps and for updstream around 17.9 Mbps. For a 440m line 16.4 is the right figure - no way is it 27.7dB and voice is fine and clear so no other oddities. And has remained there, no changes, no re-sync, no loss of service ...

Can anyone else check their hub to see what firmware they have and are the readings sensible?



taurus excreta cerebrum vincit
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