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Standard User ian_c
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Wed 17-Jun-20 01:19:37
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SmartHub vs printer

[link to this post]
Does anyone see a thing where a Smarthub seems to lose the ability to pass information from a computer to a printer?

I though it was an HP issue, but now I have a new Canon printer I know it isn't.

2 Macs (1xCatalina, 1XMojave)
2 Printers (1 x HP Officejet Pro 8620, 1 x Canon ip8750)

Tonight: All working fine and then suddenly none of the Macs can communicate with the printers (actual loss could have been any time between late last night and this evening (16th))

Ten days ago: Only the Catalina machine lost contact with both printers. Couldn't even ping 'em, and could up[date the drivers properly (because the installers want to talk to the printers). The Mojave machine and an iPad unaffected.

In both cases, at all times, the Smarthub shows the printers as connected.

Reboot all to no avail.

Turn off all, and leave the Smarthub off for 15-30 mins, then restart all in SH>Printers>Macs sequence clears it. All working...until next time.

Any idea what cases this? Is there a way to fix/ prevent this? Any point in asking BT to reflash the firmware?

Standard User RobertoS
(elder) Wed 17-Jun-20 09:15:47
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Re: SmartHub vs printer

[re: ian_c] [link to this post]
Sounds to me like some sort of memory leak in the Hub, associated with keeping in touch with the HP. How is the HP connected to the Hub? Ethernet or the network wifi?

I'd try a factory reset on the Hub as a first step.

Now some semi-random questions that might give a clue:-

If you have the HP permanently powered up, is that necessary? That could contribute to the Hub getting in a mess.

Do you use direct WiFi between the HP and the Mojave and iPad?Do you have the HP on Hewlett-Packard's smart ink-ordering system?

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Standard User zyborg47
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Sat 04-Jul-20 11:25:33
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Re: SmartHub vs printer

[re: ian_c] [link to this post]
i have always had problems with BT home hubs trying to connect to other devices, I normally separate the 2.4 and 5Ghz, that helps, they also used to have something called smart connect or something like that, try turning that off first and see if that solves the problem, I have turned it off in all the hubs I have set up, not that many of these people are with BT now.


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