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Standard User legume
(committed) Mon 18-Jul-11 21:42:23
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Re: adsl2+ ip profiles

[re: RobertoS] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by RobertoS:
It is indeed.

I am told by an even more reliable source that the new DLM also has a much less aggresive noise margin policy. I wasn't given any details though.

As long as there are no great bugs, it greatly decreases the arguments against BT Wholesale connections. I have always been vociferous in condemning the "old" DLM.

More good news WRT DLM then - you are not alone in hating the old version - I ended up with a target of 9db for ages after once letting my modem hang on to a higher than normal sync that got me +500kbit. I guess DLM saw that my margin was mostly 0-3 and maybe too many errors and bumped up the target - which lost me a meg.

It was only recently that it went back down to 6 - a couple of weeks before switching to 21cn.

I also haven't been on fast path for years - until yesterday. I am now hoping DLM doesn't switch me back with more interleaving than I already had, or raise my margin from 6.

Given the amount of FECs I got I am surprised it changed me.

It has inspired me to get gnuplot and finally get round to making a graph from my logs - so here's just before the switch to fast, and after till now. Having to use log 2 scales to make things fit is not ideal.

Time will tell what happens - noise is much the same before and after - usually 6 but fluctuating a bit sometimes.
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