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Standard User DRW
(committed) Sun 08-Jan-12 13:14:29
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LLU and ADSL2+

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Do LLU supplier's customers benefit from when an exchange gets a ADSL2+ capability - I am thinking specifically of TalkTalk and Sky Broadband service.

Thanks for any info
Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Sun 08-Jan-12 14:02:24
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Re: LLU and ADSL2+

[re: DRW] [link to this post]

If you are talking about the non-LLU (out of area) customers of those two ISPs, then perhaps on TalkTalk, (I don't know but doubt it), but on Sky Connect still no. They stick with the ADSL Max or IPSC system.

If you are on TalkTalk LLU or Sky LLU then you should already be on ADSL2+. The definition of LLU is that it doesn't rely on the BT Wholesale kit, which is what is being upgraded, and so far as I know all LLU kit is ADSL2+ to start with.

BT are just catching up frown.

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