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Standard User jonstatt
(regular) Thu 05-Apr-12 08:37:49
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Does FTTC DLM use Openreach advertised profiles?

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According to an Openreach document, the DLM for FTTC can be configured in 3 profiles

Dynamic Line Management (DLM) features
* Match the way a line is managed to the way your customer uses it:
* Standard - best overall balance between speed and stability for general internet users
* Stable - prioritise stability over speed for IPTV videoconferencing, home workers and businesses transferring data and IPTV
* Speed - prioritise speed over stability for online gamers

Are these different profiles in use for BT Infinity? I have a problem with BT Vision that after watching a programme my old ADSL IP profile returns instead of the Infinity one. In trying to get this sorted, and it may be a coincidence, after engineering investigated, my pings have shot up....I hope they have not misunderstood and thought that the fix is to change my DLM profile from Standard to Stable!!

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Standard User yarwell
(sensei) Thu 05-Apr-12 08:51:21
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Re: Does FTTC DLM use Openreach advertised profiles?

[re: jonstatt] [link to this post]
Are these different profiles in use for BT Infinity?

Your line will have been assigned to one of them, possibly the default in the docs ie standard.

May be better in BT Broadband section if it's specific to Infinity, or Fibre section where there are more FTTC users active.


MaxDSL - goes as fast as it can and doesn't read the line checker first.

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