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Standard User dparr59
(committed) Sat 04-Apr-15 00:56:29
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Help Lines drops out then 40 mins later speed returns

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my line just dropped out & speed drops too then 40 mins later line drops for second time and speed increases back to near normal ?

Before :
Data Rate (kbps) 23353 1208
Noise Margin (dB) 3.5 7.0

After :
data Rate (kbps) 12024 747
Noise Margin (dB) 5.0 5.5

Normally :
Data Rate (kbps) 23513 1219
Noise Margin (dB) 3.5 5.9

Could it be router ? its a Belkin N450 Wireless Modem Router



plusnet 20 Meg

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