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Standard User phxcomms
(newbie) Fri 03-Mar-17 18:50:34
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BT live to live migration - "fibre" line records incorrect

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Has anyone else experienced this situation?

We have a BT line in a "fibre" enabled area which is configured as an ADSL2+ line but which we now wish to upgrade to "fibre". When we originally configured the line we knew the FTTC Cabinet that the line was connected to would give around 25Mbps download speed when we upgraded.

In the intervening period and unknown to us the local County Council as part of their "superfast" broadband upgrade plan placed an order on BT / OR to upgrade the potential line speed to >30Mbps download speed.

Subsequently BT / OR installed a new AIO (All In One - FTTC / PCP combined) unit midway between our line termination building and the previous FTTC / PCP combination. BT / OR then physically transferred our BT line from the original PCP to the AIO. We understand this is called a live to live migration.

At this point BT / OR lost control of the line records and as a result we cannot now use the DSL checker to determine the potential line speed or "fibre" options. The "fibre" checker shows that we are in a "fibre" enabled area but when we talk to our ISP they tell us they cannot place a "fibre" order.

Over a period of approximately 4 months we have been in touch with the County Council who have in turn contacted BT / OR who have told the Council they know about the incorrect records but can give no indication as to when they will be corrected.

From line checks we know the issue could be affecting hundreds of subscribers on the particular exchange. The OFCOM broadband map is incorrect as a result the re-engineering and although we have threatened to involve OFCOM it is obvious BT/OR is not bothered.

Any advice / suggestions on a way forward would be most welcome.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Fri 03-Mar-17 20:26:08
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Re: BT live to live migration - "fibre" line records incorre

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Why not just go the usual route of provider report the issue and get it fixed?

The Ofcom maps are only updated annually and take a number of months from when they get data to going live, i.e. they are historical snapshots not designed to be up to the minute

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Standard User witchunt
(member) Fri 03-Mar-17 21:34:32
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Re: BT live to live migration - "fibre" line records incorre

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Various avenues to raise the issue more directly here

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Standard User WWWombat
(knowledge is power) Fri 03-Mar-17 22:57:09
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Re: BT live to live migration - "fibre" line records incorre

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When we moved here, the FTTC order needed a survey before being properly accepted. Within 48 hours records had been created for the property, confirming FTTC available from the cabinet 20m away.

Unfortunately, when the appointment happened, it turned out the survey was wrong, and the property was actually connected to a different cab 100m away. While they could get the phone working via a link at the exchange, the FTTC order would never work, with a port allocated in the wrong DSLAM.

It took 4 months to sort out, with a lot of cooperation from my ISP, though even that required me to bypass normal customer services to get a single named contact on their online forum.

The key task that an engineer was tasked with, eventually, was a "pair prove", where he had to confirm exactly which pairs were used in the D-side and E-side caves, and what joints were in the DP, PCP and MDF. That then needed an update in the Openreach back-end system (ROSE?), which then flushed through to the online system a few days later.

In one sense, I was lucky, because the ISP would at least accept an order, and then be forced to help.

Your first point to get things done is via your ISP support staff. If that goes nowhere, use the emails to the bosses of BT - the CEO of BT group, the CEO of Openreach, and the Chairman of BT.

I didn't get help from the two CEO's myself, but others have. Some have found contacting the chairman's office to be most useful.

My case didn't have a new AIO being added - it was two separate standalone PCPs.

BTW - A live to live migration is one where a customer that had a fibre connection on the old cabinet gets migrated onto the DSLAM on the new cabinet. All these lines must be migrated first, before any new orders can be accepted.
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