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FAQ with Max update 30/8/2006

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FAQ for Max Compiled by yarwell and added 30th August 2006.

Q. What's all this about upgrades to “up to8Mbit”?

A. BT are currently in the process of "bulk regrading" the service speed for customers of ISPs who chose to participate. Demon are one of those ISPs. As such, your current service will be upgraded to “up to 8Mb” MaxDSL service. This applies to all Demon Home and HomeOffice customers regardless of when you signed up or your contract status. Other services are to be upgraded as described at

A prediction of when your upgrade will happen is available at - note that the results change with time, but generally the best idea is to just wait and see. Your service will not be subject to a new 12 month contract – this is a free upgrade that Demon are offering to all of their broadband customers.

Q. What's the best way to determine what service I will likely receive?

A. The BT Wholesale checker now has an estimate of speed for your line, as does the Demon upgrade checker at . You can also use your existing line statistics to estimate what the speed will be, using calculators such as those from DSLzone or Mr Saffron

The fastest data rate possible is 7.15 Mbits/s which will give a speed test result around 6800 kbits/s. The 8128 maximum line rate is the ATM data rate which includes overheads.

Q. Is the "up to 8Mbit" service interleaved ?

A. Yes. Demon are setting up the faster service with lines opted in to interleaving. This improves stability in many cases but it also reduces the maximum speed on some exchanges from 8128 to 7616 and adds 10-20 ms to the ping time. BT Wholesale have a mechanism to opt out of interleaving but it is not yet clear if Demon are providing this to end users.

Q. What happens in the 10 day training period ?

A. The modem will initially connect at a high speed giving a 6 dB noise margin (SNR margin). If the line is unstable at this margin the BT systems should notice the instability and give the modem a higher target noise margin, reducing speed. This process should continue until a target margin of 15 dB is reached. The lowest stable speed recorded in the 10 day period becomes your Maximum Stable Rate (MSR) which is used as the basis for future fault reports - a sync speed below 70% of the MSR will be regarded as a fault. This 70% of MSR is called the Fault Threshold Rate (FTR) and setting this is the only thing unique to the 10 day training period.Your line speed will continue to adapt to the line, and the BRAS profile will follow it, for ever and a day after the 10 days is up. The actual sync speed is never fixed or capped by BT, the modem does its best with a given target noise margin.

Q. Are Demon's services capped?

A. No. The increased download speeds of “up to 8M” MaxDSL will have a Fair Usage Policy or FUP. Demon say “To ensure that we can offer faster speeds* without increasing prices, or over congesting our network, we need to take steps to ensure that the activities of very heavy users won’t affect everyone else.”

The FUP is explained in the Demon FAQ and at
“If a customer exceeds the set limits, their service will not be suspended nor will they be charged for their additional usage. However, if a customer exceeds the limits of the Fair Usage Policy then their service will run at a reduced speed during peak usage times to allow the rest of our customers unhindered access to the Internet. No extra fees will apply."

The precise parameters of the FUP have not been made public (as at August 2006) so we do not know at what usage level the FUP kicks in or to what speeds the service will be restricted.

Originally compiled by saturn_uranus 14/08/2005

These are the some of the most common questions & answers relating to Demon's residential services. If you can't find the information you require here, try having a quick look here. The Q&A below doesn't relate to Demon's business orientated services.

Feel free to ask any questions here in the Demon forum! Also remember that AG's own FAQ is a great source of information.

Q. What's all this about upgrades to 2Mbit?

A. BT are currently in the process of "bulk regrading" the service speed for customers of ISPs who chose to participate. Demon are one of those ISPs. As such, your current service will be upgraded to 2Mb (or whatever your line will support, either 1Mb or remaining on 0.5Mb). This applies to all Demon Home and HomeOffice customers regardless of when you signed up or your contract status. It does NOT begin a new 12 months contract. Information on upgrade timing is sketchy at best - there are sources, but generally the best idea is to just wait and see.

Q. What's the best way to determine what service I will likely receive?

A. When you sign up for Demon through the website (compulsory for the Home service) they do their own checks to see what they think your line will handle. There has been mention of a fault with the Demon checker, causing orders for 2Mb to get rejected by BT. For added security it may be worth checking the results of Demon's system against the BT Wholesale checker. If you see a difference in results please ask in the forums, though it may be beneficial to also contact Demon Customer Services regarding your order.

Q. Are Demon's services capped?

A. No, none of Demon's services are currently capped or restricted in any way. However with bulk regrades coming in and more people being provisioned on the higher speed services, we may see something coming into force in the future should people choose to abuse the service. The Terms & Conditions homepage is worth bookmarking and watching for changes.

Q. What is the minimum contract length?

A. 12 months. This is a Demon tradition and I would've thought it's unlikely to change anytime soon. Once the initial 12 months are up, you are placed on a rolling monthly contract, that is, you need to give 30-days notice of your wish to terminate your service.

Q. Can I access Demon's news server?

A. The Home service does not include access to Demon's own news server - the HomeOffice product does. However your can connect to any other news provider with either service. News access is also not available using the Broadband Dial Companion.

Q. How many email addresses can I have?

A. Unlimited. They will be in the format [email protected] In order to separate different users mail you will need to divide it up using rules in your email client to deliver to different mailboxes in your program. Alternatively you can set up different computers for different email addresses by changing the login within your client. Instead of entering “hostname”, enter “user+hostname” and only that users mail will be collected. However do remember that the password will be the same for all 'users'.

Mail delivery is by POP3 only on Demon's ADSL services. If you don't know what this means don't worry about it.

Q. Can I access my emails from elsewhere using my web browser?

A. Absolutely. Visit the Web Mail page (Unsecure Version) and enter your details. You can do this from any internet connection, not just your Demon connection.

Q. What sort of IP address is provided with my service?

A. The Home service is provided with a single dynamic IP address, whereas the HomeOffice connections come with a single static IP address. A static IP address allows you to host servers on your connection without worrying about a changing address, as well as the facility to connect to your network from elsewhere on the internet using a VPN or otherwise. Remember your dynamic address will only change if you disconnect your modem/router. Facilities are available to overcome the shortcomings of a dynamic address such as those provided by DynDNS.

Q. Do I need to secure my connection with a firewall?

A. Even with a dynamic IP address such as the one provided with the Home service, it is recommended that you secure your machine/network using a firewall of some sort. Using a router you will most likely be utilising NAT which is a good security measure in itself. Most routers also include a built-in firewall which often works straight out of the box. However there are also software firewalls available to run on a single machine, some of which are available for free. The Security Related Issues forum here on AG is also worth a look.

Q. Which modem is supplied with Demon's Home / HomeOffice services?

A. The Speedtouch 330, manufactured by Thomson

Q. What hardware would be best for me?

A. The USB modem supplied by Demon for the Home and HomeOffice services is suitable for single machine situations (using a personal firewall), but if you wish to connect more than one machine to your broadband connection most will recommend you utilise the services provided by a ADSL Router. A router enables you to connect more than one computer to your connection without having to worry too much about the technicalities of it all. In this situation it will run in NAT mode, covered above. Your local machines will all be assigned "local" addresses by the router, while it takes your actual ISP assigned address for itself. If left on it will maintain the connection with your ISP for as long as it can, and it'll try and reconnect automatically if it loses it.

Routers come in many shapes and sizes (such as wired & wireless), and it's best to look here and ask any questions you might have. Most importantly, if your connecting to an ADSL service, such as those provided by Demon, you will need an ADSL router, not a router. The ADSL variant will come with a modem built in whereas the normal router won't, and will require you to connect an external modem between the router and your phone socket. The supplied USB modem is not usually suitable for this situation.

Q. What's this I see about Demon supplying different supported hardware (CPE)?

A. This option is only available with the HomeOffice services. Demon will, at extra cost, supply you with a router fully configured for the service. Whatsmore, they will support it over the phone if you call for help. The hardware on offer (as of 07/02/05) is the Speedtouch 510 or the 570.

Q. Can I migrate to Demon?

A. To HomeOffice, yes, you need to obtain a MAC code from your ISP and hand it over to Demon when you place your order. Sadly Demon don't seem to support migrating to the Home service at present.

Q. Can I move from the Home to a HomeOffice product or vice versa?

A. Unfortunately it seems at the moment Demon do not support this move. Due to the way they have their systems setup, moving from the Home to any other Demon service requires a cease and re-provide. This can take over a month from start to finish, but downtime should be around 7-14 days. Call sales on 0800 027 9200 for more information.

Q. I had one of the old Express (Solo or Total) products. Can I regrade to the 1Mbit service?

A. There is no need to. As part of BTs bulk upgrades, all Demon customers are to be upgraded to the fastest their line will support up to 2Mb. The Express products are now defunct and you are effectively a HomeOffice customer.

Q. I'm moving house. Am I to be sent into the pit of doom that is Demon's Accounts dept.?

A. Get to and use the Text Chat service to speak to Customer Services (Monday - Saturday 8am til 8pm). As Demon's services are all based on 12-month contracts, you are liable for the remainder of your contract if you haven't yet finished it. However they are able to cancel the old service and allow you to re-order your new service. So long as you order the new service during the 30-day cancellation period of your old service they will see it as a move and waive the remaining contracted payments. You are however starting a new 12-month contract with the new order. You can regain your old hostname once your old service is ceased.

Q. What's this Fax to Email (DFax) thing all about?

A. Included with every Internet Connection (except the Home service), Demon's Fax to Email service allows you to receive faxes sent to an 0870 national rate number (supplied) to your Demon email address. More details and signup instructions available here.

Q. What can I use the Dial Companion for?

A. Supplied with the HomeOffice service (not Home) is a tool called Dial Companion. This provides you with access to a Pay-As-You-Go dialup number (5p per min) to access the internet. It allows you to do everything your broadband connection does (albeit slower). Useful if you're away from home or if your broadband connection experiences difficulties. It is however worth remembering that dial companion doesn't work from outside the UK. or another PAYG ISP would be cheaper to call unless you specifically need the Demon facilities afforded by using Companion.

Q. Can I change my password without troubleing Demons Customer Services?

A. Yes. Visit the WebPassword page and enter your hostname and password (the one you use to connect to Demon). Once there you can change options on your account. Note your POP3 password is the same as your Connect password to start with, but you can change it to something different. POP3 password is case sensitive.

Q. Whats all this nonsense about FAXes getting lost at Demon Towers?

A. Urban Myth Lost FAXes were a problem when the HomeOffice 1000 product was launched and everyone rushed to regrade, but I was informed by someone within Demon (you know who you are, don't let me down!) that all future orders would be acknowledged. If you don't get an acknowledgement within a few days, give them a call.

Below are links to some useful pages on Demon's website.
  • Contact Numbers
  • Text Chat (online support)
  • Network Status Pages
  • Dial Companion Information
  • Home 500 help

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