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Standard User yarwell
(sensei) Wed 09-Feb-11 08:15:28
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New pattern on BQM

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My Broadband Ping

not sure what has happened, seem to have gone from packet loss at busy times to extended ping time (the green hills). Maybe a buffer has been increased in a router or something so the queue is longer but you don't fall off the end quite so easy.


MaxDSL - goes as fast as it can and doesn't read the line checker first.

MaxDSL diagnostics
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Standard User deechneg
(fountain of knowledge) Wed 09-Feb-11 12:47:09
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Re: New pattern on BQM

[re: yarwell] [link to this post]

thats a big change

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Standard User burk
(newbie) Wed 09-Feb-11 19:03:01
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Re: New pattern on BQM

[re: yarwell] [link to this post]
Similar issues here. I can either pick up a Central that has unacceptable packet loss or one with a high latency, and my currently attached Central is looking like yours at the moment.

I'm logging both via PingPlotter and also using the TBB ping tool and both show the same issues. I am also getting a very weird issue that happens every day at about 19:40 (give or take 5 minutes) where the latency rockets up to 1500ms for up to 5 minutes, effectively stopping my link dead.

You could try disconnecting your PPoA connection and then reconnecting as BT allocates the Centrals on a 'round robin' basis ... from what I can determine there are five Centrals into Demon, but each one seems to have its own issues, either poor throughput, high packet loss or high latency (or a combination).

I've been informed my exchange goes C&W LLU in April ... just hope it improves matters as this will be the last chance for Demon to redeem themselves. I still maintain that Demon do not have sufficient purchased headroom on their Centrals, as each time they migrate customers off onto C&W things for ADSL Max users should improve, but they get worse. So my theory, backed up by what someone at Demon told me 'off the record' is that when they migrate off blocks of exchanges, they then reduce their BT Centrals capacity down to save money.

PS. I've also got a SamKnows monitoring 'router' which shows a similar trend, but unfortunately the sample rate is very much coarser than the TBB monitor.

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Standard User AlanH
(knowledge is power) Fri 11-Feb-11 17:28:58
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Re: New pattern on BQM

[re: burk] [link to this post]
Just picked up on this tool. Interesting that my high pings show a double peak, improving somewhat for a period in the afternoon, rather than showing a single continuous high plateau from 12:00 through to 17:30. This is yesterday, and today is looking very similar ...

My Broadband Ping

It's also striking that these images all show a sudden increase in the flat green line by 40 MSecs during the high spots. As if there's an extra path of 20 mSecs each way injected into the round trip.

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