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Standard User Silversonic
(newbie) Sun 17-Jul-11 16:38:57
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Online games only work at exactly 23:50, ISP/Router issue?

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Particularly Minecraft. If anyone has played this game before I've been having an issue for a few weeks whereby I log in, only a few chunks surrounding me load up and after a couple minutes I'm kicked with the infamous "internal exception connection reset" error that a number of people have been experiencing. This essentially means I'm not receiving enough data from the game's server to render the surrounding map. This would happen on all computers in my house. I noticed that at some times though, particularly late at night, minecraft will work without problems.

I'm also having problems with COD: BO. I'll have trouble connecting to the Black Ops servers and when I do manage to get in a lobby the connection is terrible. But like minecraft, this problem ceases at the same time.

I thought it might be a problem with the high amounts of traffic in my area during the day, so I decided to keep track of my internet speeds and when minecraft can/can't work on a spreadsheet. I also tethered my iPhone internet connection through to my laptop and connected to Minecraft with no problems at all, so it's clearly a problem with my house's connection.

I won't post the spreadsheet here unless someone asks. To sum it up, minecraft (and Black Ops) will start working at exactly 23:50. Not 23:48, not 23:49, exactly 23:50. There is no noticeable change in my internet speed in that minute interval either (I'm getting constant 2.4Mbps). It will then stop working sometime in the morning (I can't check when it stops working because I'm not up early enough).

It must also be noted minecraft works throughout the weekend too, from 23:50 Friday to sometime in the morning on Monday.

Now this can hardly be an internet speed problem, it's too systematic. Is there a setting on my Belkin router doing this? Is there a problem with my ISP? Are they limiting my bandwidth during heavy traffic times? I'm asking here first because contacting demon directly is my last resort. I never had this problem a couple of months ago, it's seemed to have manifested it self out of thin air. ANY help is appreciated.

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Standard User arendall667
(regular) Sun 17-Jul-11 21:12:08
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Re: Online games only work at exactly 23:50, ISP/Router issu

[re: Silversonic] [link to this post]
Might want to read this link. There were, maybe still are, problems with World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2.

Standard User ianXX
(experienced) Sun 17-Jul-11 22:38:16
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Re: Online games only work at exactly 23:50, ISP/Router issu

[re: Silversonic] [link to this post]
Checkout the Demon Network Status page ...

Click "View All" (well down the page) and then look for 15/June, 9/June, 6/June, 31/May.

The gist seems to be that Demon introduced or changed a P2P throttling system (probably some time in May). This clobbered games which use P2P. Demon then spent a lot of effort getting Starcraft and World of Warcraft working properly again.

Less common games may not have received the same attention - Demon are waiting for users to complain first.

Note that the 15/June post places some of the blame on things outside Demon's control, and there has been no update since.

Also note the 6/June suggestion that disabling the Peer-to-Peer transfer function within your game may get round the problem (assuming you can do this in Minecraft).


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