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Standard User longedge
(member) Fri 17-May-13 09:00:00
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Lancaster over Chatsworth.

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I went to see the commemorative Lancaster flyover around Chatsworth Park yesterday. I sold all my DSLR stuff a while ago and bought a Sony DSC-HX20V point and shoot which I really like but yesterday really highlighted the need for a viewfinder. Most of the time I was just looking over the top of the camera and pointing in the general direction.

I managed to salvage some video and put the result on YouTube and got an interesting/unwanted side effect of their stability improvement at some points where the video itself is improved but the previously steady scrolling title goes haywire.

I've come to the conclusion that my camera is great indoors and in dull conditions outdoors but has got serious limitations. I should say that I have never considered myself anything other than a happy snapper 8^)

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