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Standard User longedge
(committed) Tue 18-Aug-15 12:09:02
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Digitising service - any recommendations?

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I'm borrowing a Super8 film of our wedding with a view to getting it digitised (to HD mp4). Has anybody any experience/recommendations to share about scanning services. What should I expect to pay for per 50ft reel?

I'm intending to scan my own photos to go with it and then eventually edit it myself for output to both DVD and HD mp4.
Standard User cheshire_man
(knowledge is power) Tue 18-Aug-15 12:23:37
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Re: Digitising service - any recommendations?

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2 years ago I had 30 minutes of 8mm cine film of the construction of our church in 1969 transferred to DVD. It cost a total of £55.91, can't recall the make-up of the charges. Considering the quality of the original film the video quality was quite good, the sound track had deteriorated and wasn't so good, though fine for its purpose.

Beforehand I'd asked around and was quote surprised to have several recommendations for the same company - Max Spellmann. They did a good job as far as I'm concerned. Certainly worth investigating.

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