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Standard User TrevorSP
(knowledge is power) Mon 20-Nov-17 18:34:45
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Over a five year period...........

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Over a five year period, I have been using a company called AVS4YOU, for all my video editing and audio conversions, in fact EVERYTHING to do with AV work in the natural course of stuff for home and for work.

When I first saw them, I thought, oh yes, this is too good to be true, use it free for a while, if you like buy it for life or the life of that pc to be precise. If you change your PC then you have to buy a new licence, if you just make minor changes, then you don't need to do anything and the licence just recognises you UUID and carries on.

I don't normally advertise anything, but since this company, virtually started with nothing and now is doing really well, with very regular updates coming out all the time for their over a dozen different programs in their suit, I thought I would give them a mention.

I know that there are people out there that spend a fortune on yearly licences for Adobe or full licences and other expensive stuff, and will just say I am advertising for them for a backhander, but those that know me will know that this is not true before you even start to say it. If you haven't got anything constructive to say, Bottle it, please.

I know that AV software ranges from rubbish to brilliant. I would rank this as "it's got everything a normal home user or small commercial outfit would need".

Just thought I would pop this in as it is quiet in here and I have been using both the Audio and Video parts of the many programs that come with the single one licence all damn day without a hitch.

Just recently they have started putting up Registry Cleaners and other Utilities that I have never downloaded let alone used, but their basic premise of AV programs is well tested by me and I can be very fussy when producing a video for a class or lesson etc.

Just thought you folks would like to know smile


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