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Standard User interceptor02
(newbie) Sat 12-Feb-11 13:46:24
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New Router required with nat loopback

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I currently using a ZYXEL Router. However, my son has got a PS3 and it appears when he connects its restricted. Anyhow tried a few things and the router is not working well PS3.

Therefore, I am after a new router. I need a ADSL 4 port wireless router that has NAT loopback enabled and works well with a PS3. I have reading various Router reviews but they dont say whether they have loopback enabled.

I need NAT loopback as I host my own webservice from a NAS drive.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.
Standard User Sandgrounder
(knowledge is power) Sat 12-Feb-11 23:56:58
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Re: New Router required with nat loopback

[re: interceptor02] [link to this post]
DrayTek routers have NAT loopback.

Line One:- Zen - DrayTek Vigor 2600VG
Line Two:- EntaNet - DrayTek Vigor 2600
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