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Standard User dustofnations
(newbie) Mon 21-Feb-11 16:13:51
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Re: DrayTek Vigor 2830 - no IPv6 support ... I give up

[re: dustofnations] [link to this post]
I officially give up... My mail to DrayTek HQ was just forwarded back to the UK distributor again!

The Vigor2830 does not currently support IPv6; the full specification
is shown on our web site. We do not currently have a published
schedule for IPv6 support on models other than those with it
already implemented. This information will be made
available as soon as possible.

Same guy responded too, and is probably irritated I tried to go over his head.

So, I'm not going to bother with them. Good luck to anyone else's endeavours.

Supposedly some Billion routers have IPv6 support in development, but it is still fairly shaky. For now, I give up. Certainly not buying any router now that doesn't support IPv6, as I prefer to buy decent quality kit and retain it long term.

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