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Standard User athegn
(member) Sat 19-Feb-11 11:12:39
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Thomson TG784 with flaky wifi

[link to this post]
I have recently installed a Thomson TG784 router.

I notice that the wifi broadcasting is a bit flaky. I mean the wifi light flashes and the signal is not always available. Checking with inSSIDer on my laptop shows it, at the moment, the best signal (laptop some two feet from the router) But 20 minutes ago the signal kept dropping and the wifi light was either red or flashing greenl still flashing green some times but laptop stays connected.

Could the land line problems I am having cause this?:-

Note a Netgear WAP connected to the same router is always ready to connect!
Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Sun 20-Feb-11 10:48:38
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Re: Thomson TG784 with flaky wifi

[re: athegn] [link to this post]
Your link gives me a blank page, but this works.

Sorry I don't know the answer to your question though. My guess would be it's nothing to do with the line, otherwise the WAP would have trouble as well. Is the WAP ethernet connected to the TG784?

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